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Duo Beyond

To regain trust of your endpoints, Duo Beyond allows you to identify corporate vs. personal devices, block untrusted devices, and give your users secure access to internal applications, seamlessly.

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With Duo Beyond, you get everything in Duo Access, plus:

Gain Visibility and Take Control Over BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows your users to work from anywhere, anytime, increasing productivity. But the problem with allowing personal devices in the workplace is the lack of visibility, control and security for users.

See and Monitor Every Endpoint

Leverage granular device insights, policy options, and monitoring capabilities to encourage BYOD with confidence. Your Device Insight dashboard shows a full inventory of both corporate-owned and personal endpoints (desktops, laptops, mobile devices), tracks key device attributes, and allows you to enforce access control policies accordingly. Duo Trust Monitor lets you continually monitor authentication activity from all devices, so that you can easily spot anomalous user behavior.

Secure Devices Without an MDM

We make it easy to identify all managed and unmanaged devices that access your environment by integrating with your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools. We couple this with marking the managed device with a Duo identifier in order to establish them as ‘trusted.’ Get a comprehensive view and insights into all end-user devices without an MDM.

Ensure Devices Meet Security Requirements

If your organization’s policy requires 3rd-party endpoint agents to be installed on users’ devices, Duo’s new Device Health application, available with Duo Beyond Edition, can ensure these agents are in place before allowing access to your sensitive applications.

Secure Access to Internal Applications

Traditional network segmentation can be difficult. Most organizations allow remote users access to their entire network after they log in remotely via a virtual private network (VPN).

Protect On-Premises Applications

Secure on-premises applications and give your users remote access to specific applications. Give them secure, easy access to both internal and cloud applications as an alternative to a virtual private network (VPN).

Secure Remote Access to SSH or RDP

Securely access SSH or RDP without a VPN. With Duo, you can remotely SSH or RDP to configured hosts after installing Duo's connectivity tool.

Deny Untrusted Endpoints

Using Duo's Unified Endpoint Visibility data on trusted and untrusted devices, you can protect access to your critical applications, such as Sharepoint and JIRA, by setting custom device access policies to block any untrusted endpoints.

Customer Story: KAYAK

How KAYAK secured BYOD and remote access to their critical apps using Duo Beyond.

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Customer Story: Tanium

With Duo Beyond, Tanium strengthened their security posture and access controls without introducing friction for their users.

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  • “We are very motivated to find an alternative to VPNs for secure connectivity to our assets running on AWS. Duo helps us achieve that.”

    — Anonymous, Engineering Director, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company
  • “Duo Network Gateway gives us the perfect control of our internal and external applications on our terminal servers.”

    — Friedrich Reichhart, Founder, Software Development, Reichhart
  • “Duo’s Trusted Endpoints feature increases the security posture of our organization.”

    — Anonymous, Security Officer, Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company
  • “Duo’s Trusted Endpoints feature lets our organization be able to enforce, across the company, our security policy regarding managed and unmanaged endpoints.”

    — Matthew C. Evans, Solution Architect, Kraft & Kennedy

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