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Duo Access

Get detailed visibility into the security hygiene of every device, enforce contextual, adaptive authentication policies, and give your users a secure single sign-on experience.

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With Duo Access, you get everything in Duo MFA, plus:

Secure Cloud and BYOD

Many security solutions are too isolated to use data from different areas of risk in order to make informed security decisions.

Device Security Checks

A smarter solution analyzes several factors, taking into account the risk of the user, their device, location, and other attributes before granting access to an application.

In addition to prompting users with two-factor authentication to verify their identity, Duo Access checks every device for:

  • Secure, up-to-date software
  • Enabled device health and security settings on laptop, desktop and mobile devices
  • Location and network data

Duo’s Unified Endpoint Visibility dashboard gives you actionable data you can use to create custom device access policies to restrict access to your applications from risky devices.

Adaptive Authentication

Enforce contextual, adaptive authentication policies to grant or block authentication attempts based on user role; device security (biometrics, screen lock and disk encryption), geo-location, network controls and use of anonymous networks, like Tor.

Access Policies

Duo Access also gives you the option to restrict access based on location and anonymous networks.

Prompt Users to Update Risky Devices

Secure devices by enabling your users to update their own out-of-date or inadequately-secured laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Using Duo’s Self-Remediation feature, you can automatically prompt users to update their software and security settings at each login attempt.

Risk-Based Authentication

Duo’s Risk-Based Authentication solution evaluates potential threat signals at each login attempt and adjusts security requirements, in real time, to protect trusted users and frustrate attackers.

Complete Device Visibility

Most organizations significantly underestimate how many different devices access their corporate applications — in addition to corporate-issued devices, users log into work applications using their personal smartphones and laptops. Traditional device management solutions require the installation of agents, which can lead to bad user experiences, privacy concerns, and limited coverage of devices.

Device Insight Without Agents

Duo Access gives you insight into every device accessing your corporate applications without deploying agents. Duo’s Unified Endpoint Visibility shows you every device on your network, not just the ones your company manages. This can lower deployment support and ongoing management, saving you time while providing complete visibility.

Health and Security Checkup

Duo Mobile’s Security Checkup (available on iOS and Android), and Device Health application (for Windows and MacOS computers), empower your users to maintain the health and security hygiene of their devices.

Continuous Trust Monitoring

Keep an eye on user behavior and continually verify device trust with Duo Trust Monitor. Trust Monitor ingests authentication information and creates a behavioral baseline. It then surfaces anomalies in users' daily workflows. These events can inform proactive investigations and provide insight into the efficacy of your security policies. Duo Trust Monitor events can also easily complement existing SIEM solutions via API.

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